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Single Layer Wrap
By Press
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Artfulwears: Ponchos

What do you do when the weather is cool, but not cold enough for a jacket? What do you do when you want to look trendy in a gorgeous dress but also want to stay warm? The answer is: wear a poncho! Ponchos have had a varied past, from being given to the military to being woven in Spain. Now, however, you can find ponchos to suit almost any need.

Classy and Classic

There are some ponchos that never go out of style. A prime example of these types of ponchos is the Nita Wrap. This wrap is made of a soft cotton yarn and is wearable in two different ways. Many celebrities wear wraps like this to premiers because they keep your upper half warm without having to sacrifice the outfit. Look for a wrap that is a neutral color, such as gray, so that it will match whatever outfit you are wearing underneath.

Another classic poncho is the is the Simple Sexy Poncho. This poncho can also be worn two ways and is made with a light wool so that it lies against the body beautifully, outlining the curves in all the right places.


For a different type of poncho, look for something like the Hand made Cut Velvet poncho. These come in a number of different styles, from the Patchwork to the Square poncho, but each one is brightly colored. They are also all very light and are perfect for a cool summer evening. You may want to shy away from them, however, if you’re heading out into a crisp autumn night.

The Cityscape Poncho is the type of material and shape that one associates with the word “poncho”. It is cut classically, with bright colors, and is made of merino wool, to keep the wearer warm for a number of seasons.

Every woman should have at least one, if not two, ponchos in her closet, you never know when you’ll have to step out on a cool evening. Ponchos are truly the best way to keep warm without sacrificing the beauty of your outfit.