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Fine Gemstone Jewelry

Artfulwears Jewelry

What makes an outfit complete? Some believe its shoes, others believe it’s that perfect hairstyle, and still others believe that it is the makeup that makes the outfit complete. One thing that always makes an outfit look finished is jewelry. It used to be that gold was the standard jewelry that everyone wore, but sterling silver jewelry has become much more popular and is now worn by famous women at all the big award shows.

The Perfect Accessory

What makes the perfect accessory to any outfit? There is no good answer to that. It truly depends on what kind of outfit you’re wearing. You do not have to be like the women of the 60’s who had to match their earrings perfectly to their outfits. It is possible to wear a blue outfit and green earrings. It is possible to have a red ring and a pink shirt. That is one of the beauties of jewelry – you can pick up a piece here or there and always find a place and time to wear it.

What Attracts You

When it comes to jewelry, more than any other fashion accessory, you have to figure out what attracts you. If you like simple sterling silver pieces that have no ornamentation on them, than that’s your thing. You might prefer pieces that have little charms or long dangly spires on your jewelry, or you might like a little of everything! Some people find that they can’t wear bracelets or watches so they focus more on necklaces and earrings while others enjoy anklets and toe rings. What type of jewelry you wear really depends on what you prefer.

A Few Rules

You can wear toe rings with closed-toed shoes but they look much better with open-toed shoes. Anklets are great all the time, but are only truly visible with skits and shorts. Necklaces look the best when they are either shorter than the top you are wearing, or much longer than the neckline. You can wear more than just one ring on each finger, but if you have a hard time closing your hand into a fist, you might want to shuffle some things around. And finally, wear as many earrings as you’d like, but they look the best when they have something in common, whether it is that they’re all sterling silver, or that they all have the same color somewhere on them.