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Artfulwears: Electronic Equipment

Youíve got the perfect outfit for your meeting. Youíve got killer shoes, beautiful sterling silver jewelry, and your makeup is flawless. You check yourself in the mirror to make sure that your lipstick hasnít smudged and grab your old laptop briefcase. Thatís when you realize that your laptop case is very old and very plain. We have become a society of electronics, and designers have recognized that. They know that we want our electronics to look as though they belong to us, not some 60 year old man from 1950.

Laptop Transporter

The Casuari Laptop Portfolio Valise is one example of a way to transport a laptop that doesnít look outdate. This laptop valise has plenty of room for your laptop and any other paperwork you need to bring with you. Itís fully padded and had a number of small pockets for discs or other paraphernalia. It comes in a number of colors, so you can get it to match any outfit.

If you need something a bit smaller, look for a laptop envelope, like the Casuari Laptop Envelope. This envelope comes in a number of fun colors as well, and is just large enough to slide your laptop into. It is padded, as well, so that you can be assured that your laptop will be safe.

Other Electronics

What about your other electronics? Fashion designers once again have you covered. For MP3 lovers, try the Casuari Ipod case. This case can be used for either cameras or your trusty Ipod. It comes in beautiful colors and has a removable lanyard so that you can sling it over your shoulder and not worry about it. Or you can put your camera into the case and feel secure, knowing that itís out of the rain and inclement weather.

Donít feel as though you have to settle for boring and old when everything inside of you is screaming for bright and new! Designer boutiques carry electronic carrying cases so that you can feel secure knowing that your outside truly matches your inside, in all ways.