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Artfulwears Travel Goods

Nothing is more fun than traveling to other places. Some find themselves enjoying the tropical islands while others enjoy the scenic sites of Minnesota while they visit family. No matter where youíre going, itís always fun to shop for travel goods. Fashion designers know that people are traveling more know than they ever have before, and they have come to the rescue, creating fun and flattering travel gear that is sure to make every traveler smile.


Gone are the days of the ugly hard vinyl suitcases. Some of those suitcases have been passed down for three generations or more. Throw them away! Now travelers have the option of beautiful luxury suitcases that match the travelerís personality. Everyone knows that you should do your best to bring essential clothes in your carry on. If you are just going for a weekend trip, you may be able to fit everything in your carry on! The Casuari Wheeled Mini Suitcase is for those travelers that want to be able to fit most of their luggage in their overhead compartment. It has wheels to make it easier to drag behind you, and meets the domestic and international on-board requirements.

If youíre heading to a not-so-distant port for a weekend, grab something like the Weekender Bag. This bag is the perfect size to fit enough clothes and essentials for a weekend get away, whether of the romantic variety or not. It has a waterproof lining, so you can even take it down to the lake.


Some of us wouldnít know what to do with ourselves if we didnít have our makeup handy. The Sally Spicer Cosmetic roll was created for travelers who need their makeup, but donít want to waste a lot of luggage space for a larger bag. This bag can be used for either makeup, jewelry, or a combination of both. It has ribbons on the top to be able to hang on the back of a door for easy access, and has waterproof lining.

The traveler today has more options than ever, which is a wonderful thing! Remember to check on-flight regulations before you go traveling, because nothing is more annoying than having to have your bag checked before you board.